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“Conversion from school to academy schools status brings many freedom and privileges, but the process can be fraught with difficulties without proper management. Our impressive track record in this field speaks for itself…how can we help you…?”

Offering far-reaching control over the finances, curriculum and management of a school, conversion to Academy schools status brings with it greater autonomy and freedom than previously imaginable to leaders in education. However, conversion is a highly complex and specialised process which, without experienced direction, can subsequently lead to daunting legal and practical challenges.

With so many aspects of the running of a school having always been under the sponsorship of the local authority, Academy school transition can come as something of a shock to the management structure of the establishment. Led by Caroline Carretta, Commercial Partner of Humphries Kirk, our team can minimise or even prevent many of these issues altogether.

With a wealth of experience helping schools locally and further afield, our specialists are on hand throughout and beyond conversion to ensure that each interrelated step of the process not only carried out correctly but also, crucially, at the right time.

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