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Probate / Intestacies

“Intestacy, inheritance tax, assets and liabilities… let us help take the strain of administering a loved one’s estate… how can we help you…?”

It’s a difficult time when someone close to you passes away. On top of all the emotional and practical issues, there are also serious legal matters to address. If there is a will in place, the deceased’s assets and liabilities need to be administered according to their wishes.

Should they die intestate (without a will) the matter is further complicated. Either way you can count on us to help you handle the situation in a sensitive and supportive way. Another consideration is Inheritance Tax – our specialist team can advise on protecting the estate and mitigating the tax burden. There may also be beneficiaries or creditors to the estate of whom you, as a Personal Representative or Executor, are unaware – we can help protect you against personal liability in the event of this situation.

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