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Family Law & Divorce Solicitors

Family Law & Divorce Solicitors

“Marriages and relationships don’t always last, but you can count on us for friendly, supportive legal advice if ever you need it.”

Hopefully your marriage or relationship will never break down, but if it does we’re here to help and support you. We understand that separation is painful for all involved and can affect so many aspects of your life – from children and property to assets and finance.

During what is usually an emotionally-charged experience we can help you navigate every aspect of divorce, with clear, rational legal advice and guidance. If violence is involved, we can pursue injunctions to safeguard yourself, your children and your property.

Key areas of divorce and family law where we can help:

  • Divorce/Civil Partnership – our specialist team can guide you through each step of the divorce or civil partnership process.
  • Children – when children are involved, they are usually the prime concern of both parties involved in separation. Our experienced team can advise on all aspects relating to the care and welfare of children.
  • Protecting your assets – advice on what should happen to your finances on a breakdown of a relationship is essential. We can offer guidance and advice to help you obtain the best financial settlement for you.
  • Business owners – marital or relationship breakdown can seriously affect the ability of your staff to perform to the best of their abilities. With a free initial consultation, our specialist team can advise you how to support employees with professional advice and guidance
  • Pre-nuptial agreements – increasingly influential in divorce proceedings, pre-nuptial agreements clarify not only what would happen to property in the event of divorce or separation, but also to children, finances and assets.
  • Cohabitees – we can offer advice and assistance at the beginning or ending of a relationship.

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