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“Many people put off organising a Will. Few realise how easy it can be – and fewer still realise the consequences of not having one.”

Without a will, and with no traceable surviving relatives, your whole estate could pass into the hands of the government. Whilst few people enjoy making a Will, it is therefore essential to do so to ensure that your assets, property and finances go to your family and loved ones when you die. We offer competitive fees for Will writing and may even be able to offer the service free of charge through our associations with various charities.




Many believe that Inheritance Tax is only a concern of the affluent. This is no longer true – with tax thresholds failing to keep pace with increases in property prices, Inheritance Tax can now have a significant financial impact on most of us. Upon the death of the first partner in a married couple, all of the estate passes to the spouse – with no Inheritance Tax liability. However, astute planning can often provide complete comfort and security for the surviving spouse whilst substantially reducing the future Inheritance Tax liability of their children and heirs.

“All Will writers within Humphries Kirk adhere to the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners’ (STEP) Code for Will Preparation. To learn more about the STEP Code please click here


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